ADD / ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder in Children and Adults Children and adults with ADD and ADHD have many strengths and attributes. Sadly, these are often in contrast with the expectations of others. The best treatment for ADD and ADHD is therapy, patience and time – some of our scarcest commodities. Helping individuals learn the origin of their struggles and the mechanism of their minds, gives them a chance to do the inner corrections that will improve their lives. Without identifying their problems and offering the proper approach (medication being the last alternative), a child can be in for a lifetime of struggle, misunderstanding and a depleted sense of self. With understanding of this factor, I cater to provide the best solutions for both children and adults in Kansas City. If you have been searching for an ADHD Specialist or Children's Therapist, this the right place you have reached. Schedule your appointment now!  913.579.6840